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Heat Station Induction Heating Systems


The Heat Station 2500R2 induction heater is a versatile, compact heat source that provides a repeatable, fast, flameless and controllable method of heating a wide variety of parts and assemblies.  A typical system consists of the HS2500R2 or R2C power supply, a high frequency output transformer and a heating coil.  The transformer and coil connect to the power supply with a 6' long flexible power cable assembly allowing the heating coil to be fixture as required to insure high quality, repetitive heating.

HS5000R2 with "C' coil and

power control footpedal

The Heat Station HS5000R2 induction heater is similar to the HS2500R2.  The power supply and the output transformer are larger and it provides double the heating power.  It is available in two models.  The standard HS5000R2 uses a basic control panel and is best suited when user in conjunction with user supplied controls or a PLC.  The HS5000R2C uses a dual timer/power control panel that enables use of two digital timers for operating at two different power control levels.



The HS5000R2TS induction heater features touchscreen operating controls and easily implemented temperature control.  It also offers a selection of operating modes, recipes, data display and 2 easily programmable outputs that can be used to enhance the operation of the system.

It provides 5000 watts of heating power and, for most applications, incorporates a remote matching transformer connected to the power supply with a 6' long flexible cable.

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