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Shrink Fitting

Most metals expand when they are heated.  Induction heating is often used to heat and thermally expand parts to allow the insertion or removal of a mating component. Gears to shafts, flangers to hubs and bearing assembly are just a few of the common examples of shrink fit applications.

Expand Housing 1_edited.png

A specialty motor housing is heated to 400ºF for insertion of the stator.  The heating coil is located inside the bore.

A bearing housing is heated using the coil shown for shrink fit assembly of the

components of a roller bearing.

The gear was heated to 600ºF in 15 seconds using a HS5000R2 heater and then slid onto the hub.

Cast Coil_edited.png

The internal coil used to heat the housing.   The coil assembly is molded in a thermally conductive epoxy for best fit in the bore.

Skinny Coil_edited.png

A long, cylindrical cast heating coil

is inserted inside a specialty motor housing to heat from the ID.

A DC motor head bore and rim are

heated at the same time for shrink fitting on the motor housing.

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