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Services We Offer

If you have a project to heat something up and think induction might work, contact us and we can help.  Our equipment can not do everything.  If it is not suitable we will let you know and tell you why it won't.  It might be the application isn't good for induction or our equipment is not suitable due to frequency or power.  If it is we would be happy to review your application and discuss it.  We offer no charge sample testing.  We will test heat your part with a custom designed heating coil and provide you with  finished samples, a process report including the model heater used, the heating coil, the setup used and power and time settings. We will also provide you a video of the sample run and thermographic imaging.

Custom Heating Coil Design

In most applications, the design of the heating coil is critical to successfully heat the part as needed.  Even for standard cylindrical parts, the number of turns and the spacing of the turns in the coil can make a big difference.  We design, manufacture and test all coils on site and can readily prototype and fine tune all coils to give the best heating possible. CAD drawings are available for custom coils.

Even Heat_edited.png

To get even heating along a section of the tube, the spacing between the turns of the heating coil must be right

Sample Part Processing

We offer no charge testing of your sample parts.  When your part is received we will check it out and determine the best setup to give a good test.  If required, we will custom make a heating coil for the trial.  A heating analysis including equipment used, heat times and power levels, part temperatures etc. will be prepared and sent to you along with finished sample parts, if applicable, for your inspection.

Video Recording

We will setup and videotape the processing of your sample part. The video will show the part fixturing, heating coil and actual heating of the part.  The video will be provided as a you tube link.  If you need it kept private, let us know.  A typical sample test video is shown.

Thermal Imaging

Measuring the temperature of a part during the heating test can be difficult.  The best way is to attach a thermocouple and read it with a good meter.  But, it only gives you the temperature at one point and you have to make sure that it is solidly attached to the part or you won't get a good reading.  Infrared sensors and guns have to be adjusted for emmisivity and may have to be doublechecked with a TC to verify the readings.  Thermographic imaging looks at the entire part as it is being heated.  It lets you "see"  the heating and shows any hot spots or cold spots that need to be corrected.

Thermal image of 2 threaded inserts

heated to a target temperature of 520F.

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