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Magne AC3 Air Cooled Heating System

The Magneforce MagneAC3 is a custom high frequency electromagnetic heating system that is air cooled, easy to use and does not require water cooling.  It is specifically designed for the flameless, non-contact, reliable heating of metal threaded inserts for pressing into molded and printed plastic parts, particularly when the possible problems associated with water cooling are not acceptable. It consists of the air cooled induction heater in combination with a compact air cooled heating head.  The heating head is small, lightweight and can be mounted to most any processing fixture.

The heater operates on a standard 115V outlet and produces up to 1200 watts for fast heating.  It incorporates a unique power connector that enables the heating head to be easily plugged in or removed in a few seconds.  A temperature sensor molded into the head prevents any possibility of overheating during operation.  A range of head sizes enables heating of a wide variety of brass and steel inserts, with typical heat times of a few seconds to 500F for steel inserts.  Custom designed heads are available  for specialty applications, such as catheter tipping  epoxy curing and coax cable soldering.

High Frequency
Power Supply
36"  power
Heat Zone
Plug In Power
Magne AC3 Power Supply with standard heating head

General Specifications

  • 115V 50/60hz Input Power. 15A Maximum

  • 1200 watt maximum heating power.

  • Air cooled.  No water cooling required.

  • Output Frequency 25 -40 Khz

  • Compact, rugged power supply enclosure.

  • Dimensions - 11"W x 10"Dp x 6"H. 20#

  • 2 digit precision pushbutton potentiometer for fast, accurate power control.

  • Plug in heating heads can be removed or installed in a few seconds.

  • Front power receptacle with hyperbolic connectors with lock for easy attachment.

  • Lightweight air cooled heating head weighs only 4 oz. Measures 2.5"L x 2.25"W x .92"H.

  • Custom head sizes available.

  • Internal head temperature control with alarm prevents overheating heating head.

  • Duty cycle up to 50% with aux. cooling.

  • Heating times to 500F as low as 1.5S.

  • KW output signal to monitor power.

Magne AC3 Power Supply

The Magne Power Supply is a solid state high frequency electromagnetic heater.  It is air cooled, small and lightweight.  Standard features include a rear mounted control panel with on/off circuit breaker, LED status lights for POWER ON, FAULT, HEATING and TEMP.  Also included is a precision 2 digit pushbutton potentiometer for rapid, accurate power output setting and a 4 pin control jack that enables remote on/off control and provides a 0-5Vdc signal proportional to operating power to enable monitoring the heating operation using the included cable.

Other features include power tracking circuitry that delivers constant power with varying input voltage, a fast trip semiconductor fuse to protect internal components and temperature control circuitry to monitor the temperature of the heating head. 

The power supply also incorporates a unique, plug in power connector mounted on the front of the unit. This connector utilizes high amperage hyperbolic connectors with integral locking feature that allows connection or replacement of the heating head in a matter of seconds.  It includes additional contacts to prevent heating unless the head is plugged in and also to connect to the temperature sensor inside of the heating head.

16 ga steel powder coated steel enclosure
Mag only manual_edited.png
Quick change front power receptacle with locking hyperbolic connectors
110m fan
Push button power control
LED status indicators
Magne Rear_edited.png
Control Jack
AC socket
On/Off Breaker

Magne AC3 Heating Head

Quick Change plug with hyperbolic contacts
Heat Zone
36" power cable
Typical Insert
Insert in heat
Air Input

The Magne heating head assembly concentrates the electromagnetic field produced by the power supply into a small, focused area for heating inserts or many other metal parts.  It consists of the heating head with .50", .62" or .75" central hole for the part, a 36" long power lead with nylon convoluted tubing protective covering and a custom quick connect power plug for connection to the power supply. The complete assembly weighs less than a pound.

The head is constructed of high temperature fine gauge litz wire encapsulated with thermally conductive flame retardant epoxy enclosed in a printed nylon housing. Due to the high amperage that needs to be conducted in order to generate the magnetic field required for heating, the head will heat up with use. For low duty cycle applications where there is a significant lag time between parts due to fixturing and other requirements, the head can be operated as is without additional cooling.   For higher duty cycle applications, an auxiliary air supply of 20-30 psi can be connected to the head using the hose barb.  This will circulate air through the interior of the head and allow operation up to a duty cycle of 50% e.g. 3s on/3s off, which is satisfactory for most applications.

The head includes a temperature sensor imbedded into the encapsulated litz wire core.  If the head gets too hot, the TEMP light on the rear of the unit will turn on, an alarm will sound and heating will be disabled.  The head connector also includes an interlock where heating cannot be activated unless it is properly plugged into the power supply receptacle.

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