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Custom Applications

Magneforce has supplied numerous heating systems for specialty applications.  We are often tasked with providing solutions for difficult to heat parts where other heating options are not feasible.  A few examples are shown below.  Contact us if you have a difficult application and we can help.

Plastic Extrusion

This special application uses a custom 5000 watt air cooled induction power supply with a air cooled inductor.  The inductor slides over the barrel of an extruder used in the production of plastic tubing.

Epoxy Curing

This simple setup finds application in the production of millions of stepper motors.  The motor body is uniformly heated to initial temperature and then held

at temperature in order to cure the epoxy securing internal ferrite shapes into position.

Rubber Coating PreHeat
Test Heat Dots 2 copy_edited.png

The 10" diameter steel plate requires even heating prior to placement in the mold for rubber coating.  The test setup shows the part covered in spots of temperature indicating paint, allowing us to check evenness of heating and adjust the heating coils if needed.

Threaded Stud Preheat

This coil heats up 4 threaded studs at the same time.  The studs are then inserted into panels to aid assembly for a packaged furniture product.

Stud heating 2_edited.png
Foam Rubber Sealing
Foam Coil copy_edited.png

This inductor heats allows an HS2500R2 heater to act as a controlled resistance heater.  The stainless steel comb is held at temperature for sealing split foam tubes passing across it.

Gold and Silver Melting

A graphite crucible is heated using a HS5000R2 power supply and 4 turn heating coil for a gold melting application.  The prepared crucible on the left is surrounded by high temp silica insulation.  On the right, the heated crucible. The magnetic field causes the melt to spin in the crucible.

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