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Soldering is the process of joining metal surfaces together using a filler metal call solder.  The surfaces to be joined are heated, melting the solder which flows onto the surfaces and solidifies, creating a durable electrical or mechanical connection.  Soldering typically involves temperatures below 400 C (750 F).  At higher temperatures different metal alloys are using and the process is referred to as brazing.  When soldering parts it is essential that the surfaces are clean and that the components to be joined are evenly heated.  If not, cold joints can occur which are difficult to detect and can result in joint failure.

Magneforce Heat Station and Magne AC3 induction heaters are used to provide a source of clean, flameless and non-contact heating for a variety of soldering applications.  There is no soldering tip to oxidize or wear out, causing inconsistency in the soldering process.  Insulating materials and other nearby plastic components are not effected by the heating.  Larger parts, such as filter and condenser cans, can be evenly heated with even solder flow around the entire component.

A "U" shaped coil is used to solder a cable to a sensor housing.  The coil allows the assembly to be easily located for the process.

A shaped coil is part of a fixture to individually solder 3 cable ends into a power connector.

The lid on this aluminum case is soldered

into place.  The solder flows out uniformly around the perimeter of the lid all at once

A heavy 2/0 cable is soldered into a power connector.  The intensity of the heating is controlled to allow manual feed of solder wire into the joint or to preplace the solder in the connector prior to heating.

Large electrical terminals are easily hand soldered using this custom shaped heating coil. The coil stays cool, only the terminal heats.

Pilk Single_edited.png

This soldering coil is used a part of a system to solder electrical contacts to automotive windshields.  The coil is molded into an epoxy housing for placement into the soldering fixture.

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