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Steel threaded insert for plastic
Threaded Insert Heating
brass threaded insert for plastic

Threaded inserts are widely used for pressing into injection molded and 3D printed plastic parts to provide high strength screw threads.  One of the best methods for installing the inserts is to preheat them so that when they are pressed into the part  the plastic is melted and relows around knurls built into the insert.

This firmly holds the inserts in place with high torque handling capability.  Most inserts are made from steel or brass.  Magneforce Heat Station and Magne AC3 heaters are widely used for heating both brass and steel threaded inserts and are able to rapidly and consistently heat single or multiple inserts simultaneously.

Threaded insert heating coils

2 phenolic encased 3 position heating coils are mirror images and used to heat opposite sides of a symmetrical part. 2 HS2500R2 induction heaters are used, 1 for each coil.

Magne Heating Head

The remote air cooled heating head of the Magne AC3 heater heats brass and steel inserts and is easy to set up and use. 

5 po insert_edited.png

A 5 position heating coil encased in a milled phenolic housing enables precise location in a custom insert machine.  This coil uses a HS5000R2 and heats all 5 inserts in 6 seconds.

A custom heating coil is formed to match the curvature of 5 insert locations on a motorcycle cowling. 

Threaded insert heating coil

A 3D rendering of a 6 position heating coil used in an automatic insertion machine.  Multiple air cylinders move the inserts into the coil for heating and then press them up into the part.

2 steel inserts are heated in a test setup to verify temperature. Heating time to 247C is approx. 2.5 sec using a HS2500R2C power supply

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