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HS5000R2TS Induction Heating System

The Magneforce HS5000R2TS Induction Heating System incorporates the standard features of the HS5000R2 power supply.  It utilizes the same output transformer and flexible power leads and supports the same range of heating coils and inductors.  The HS5000R2TS also includes an imbedded PLC and 7" color touch screen control panel for enhanced operation.  The touch screen controls enable multiple operating modes along with data recording, temperature control, output power verification, easily programmed  basic outputs and recipe storage capability. 

HS5000R2TS Inside_edited.png

HS5000R2TS Heating System

HS5000R2TS Touchscreen Control Functions

  • Six selectable operating modes to best fit your application.

    • Single timer and power control

    • Dual timer and dual power control

    • Single timer and power control with temperature control.

    • Dual timer and dual power control with temperature control.

    • Pulse heating operation.

    • User Input (PLC) controlled operation.

  • K Thermocouple or Infrared PyrometerTemperature Input

  • 2 User Programmed +24V or SPDT outputs for accessory operation.

  • Recipe storage for all operating modes.

  • C/F Temperature display, cycle counters and KW output verification.

  • Customizable data recording for power output and temperature.

  • Integrated Help Menus for all functions.

  • Pop up warnings with diagnostics for system problems.

General Features & Specifications

  • 5000 watt water cooled power supply

  • 208-240V 50/60hz 3 ph power 20A

  • Available 208/240 50/60hz 1 ph power

  • Maximum output amperage: 150A

  • Power Supply Dimensions: 18h" x 16w" x 8dp"

  • Output Frequency: 20-40khz
  • Minimum coolant flow - 0.5 gpm

  • Minimum coolant pressure - 50 psi

  • Maximum coolant pressure - 100 psi

  • Maximum inlet water temperature - 100F

  • 16 ga steel enclosure

  • 70#

  • 16 ga steel powder coated enclosure

  • Easily fixtured output transformer

  • 6' long flexible power lead

  • Integral coolant flow transducer

  • Power tracking circuitry to deliver constant power
  • Operates in resonance. No need to ring up to power

  • Bottom or rear flange mounting

Example Display Screens


Basic operating mode features single timer and power control.

Setup screen allows selection of operating mode and features.

TP1T mode features basic timer and power control and temperature control

Recipe Entry screen for TP1 mode.

Recipe entry for all operating modes.

Recipe display screens shows all recipes for the operating mode.

Heating screen for TP1T mode shows time, power and temperature.

Easy setup for 2 outputs to turn on air cooling, light etc.

Data history display shows time, power and temp at any sample rate.

HELP menus are available for all screens.

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