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HS5000R2 5.0KW Induction Heater

The Heat Station 5000R2 induction heating system is a versatile, compact, flameless heat source.  It provides 5000 watts of precise, controllable power for fast heating of a wide range of parts and assemblies.  Heating will be consistent from part to part.

A typical HS5000R2 system consists of a 5kw high frequency induction power supply, a custom heating coil and an output transformer that connects to the power supply by a 6' long flexible power cable.

The output transformer matches the design of the coil to the electrical requirements of the power supply.  The heating coil produces and focuses the electromagnetic field on the part to heat it as needed.

Modular plug in controls are used to actuate heating, set cycle time and interface with customer supplied controls, such as a PLC.  Most systems also require a water recirculating system to provide coolant to the coil and internal power supply components.

Heating coil




Aux 220V outlet for coolant system

Jack for remote on/off


6' power leads



Heat zone

HS2500R2C Dual Timer System with transformer & coil

Standard Features

  • 20-40khz frequency output heats a wide range of parts

  • Bench top or wall mount with removeable flanges

  • Flexible 6' cable to output transformer allows heating output on slides, lifts and other mechanisms.

  • Control jack accepts heat station controls or connection to PLC or custom user controls

  • 0-5Vdc output signal confirms power is delivered to coil

  • Repeatability to +/- 1.5% heating power

  • Fast setup, low maintenance and components accessible

  • Two models available.  The HS5000R2 with standard control and the HS5000R2C with dual timer control


  • Maximum Operating Power  - 5000W

  • Weight: 70 lbs.

  • Power Supply Dimensions: 18" x 16" x 8"

  • Incoming Power - 208-240V  3 ph  20A

  • Available 208/240 1 ph

  • Maximum output amperage: 150A

  • Output Frequency: 15 - 40 Khz

  • Minimum coolant flow - 0.5 gpm

  • Minimum coolant pressure - 50 psi

  • Maximum coolant pressure - 100 psi

  • Maximum inlet water temperature - 100F

HS5000R2 Power Supply

The HS5000R2 induction power supply is the primary component of the system.  Its' function is to convert 50/60Hz line power to a high frequency, high amperage output and to deliver this power to the output transformer which, in combination with the heating coil, sets up a varying electromagnetic field that heats the part. 

The power supply is a 100% solid state AC/DC/AC inverter, operating at a resonant frequency of 18-40Khz.  The actual operating frequency is dependent on the design of the heating coil, the turns ratio of the output transformer and the internal capacitance of the power supply.  Like the HS2500R2, the 5000R2 power supply, output transformer and heating coil require water cooling.  Coolant in/out fittings and a visible coolant flow paddlewheel/transducer are located on the side of the power supply.

5000R2 only_edited.png






HS5000R2C Power Supply

HS5000R Output Transformer

5000R xmer_edited.png

Output terminals on the transformer accept the heating coil and include coolant ports with O ring seals.

Xmer blocks_edited.png

The output transformer is a special high frequency step down transformer that is used to match the heating coil to the power supply.  It connects to the power supply with a 6' long flexible power cable assembly that supplies both power connections and coolant tubing.  The heating coil attaches to the terminal blocks on the face of the transformer using 4 10-24 brass screws and washers.  The flexible cable allows the transformer and heating coil to be located remotely from the power supply and attached to any processing fixture as required.

The output transformers for the HS5000R2 system are available with turns ratios of 5:1, 6:1 and 7:1 & 8:1.  These ratios enable the use of a wide range of heating coils.  In general, small coils, e.g. a 0.50" diameter 2 turn coil, would use the 8:1 transformer.  The 5:1 ratio transformer would be used for larger coils, e.g. 3 or 4" diameter.  The 6:1 transformer covers the mid range of coils and is used in most applications.

The HS5000R2 output transformer is 3"W x 3 1/2"H x 8"L and weighs 6 lbs.

HS5000R Heating Coils

The heating coil focuses the electromagnetic field onto the area of the part that is to be heated.  The coil attaches to the terminal blocks using 4 10-24 brass screws.  Heating coils are manufactured from copper tubing and are water cooled and stay relatively cool even while heating hot parts.  Coolant flows through the output transformer and into the coil.  Coolant leakage is prevented by the O rings mounted in the c'bore of the transformer terminal blocks.

More information on heating coils can be found in the coils and inductors section. Many heating coils can be used on either the HS2500R2 or HS5000R2 heating systems.

This heating coil is used on the HS5000R2 power supply to heat the exterior of a 5" diameter cylinder.  The cylinder is rotated in the heating coil to cover all 360 degrees of the surface.

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