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Magneforce offers custom processing equipment for your heating application.  We are not an automation house but can supply manually operated  systems specific to your requirements.  Shown below are a couple of examples.

Snowmobile Runner Carbide Brazing Machine

This system uses 3 HS5000R2C heaters to braze carbide inserts on steel snowmobile runners in 3 locations.  The runners mount on sliding fixture blocks at the front of the table to support rails of different length.  The 3 output heads with heating coils also slide along the upper rack so the location of each heating zone is easily adjusted.

Runner machine_edited.png
Doos 3_edited.png
Bushing Heater for Shrink Fit

This system uses our HS5000R2TS system with integral touchscreen to heat a large bushing for shrink fitting onto a shaft.  Even heating is critical. The bushing is easily placed onto slide rails and then pushed back to a locating device for exact positioning.  The heating coil automatically raises up into the bore of the bushing for heating. Temperature is monitored by an infrared sensor and controlled by the PLC in the heater.

Carbide Brazing System

This heater brazes carbides onto large cutters.  It includes 5 different size heating coils and placement nests to braze parts 1 or 2 at a time.  The operator places the part on the pins of the fixture nest and then starts the heating cycle, controlled by the touchscreen.  The coil lowers down over the part as heats it up using the temperature profile programmed.  At the end of the cycle the coil raises up for part removal. 

Wheel Hub Mold PreHeat

Custom formed inductor housing are mounted top and bottom for preheating the hub of a army tank wheel prior to a rubber coating operation.  The top inductor is mounted on a up/down swing arm.

The arm lowers into the wheel for heating. At the end of the heating cycle it raises and swings out for removal of the heated wheel and placement of the next wheel to be heated.

Swoing Arm_edited.png
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