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More Inductors

Inductors are made to fit the application.  They can be made in a wide         variety of sizes and configurations for customized heating.

This flat inductor locates a large gear ring to be heated

to expand the ID.  The inductor includes ring locating pins and temperature controller.

The end of a 6" diameter thin wall steel tube is inserted into this inductor for annealing.  The inductor is housed in a phenolic enclosure.

The motor housing on the right slides over the internal inductor to be expanded for shrink fitting the stator. Stainless supports guide the housing into position.

Plastic Extrusion

A long U shaped air cooled inductor allows a piece of plastic covered stainless steel tubing to be easily heated without affecting the plastic.

This fiberglass and stainless mesh encased inductor is formed on the inside to match fit a large hub to be

preheated before rubber covering.

This water cooled inductor is shaped to match the shape of the motor housing.  The housing fits inside the inductor for the most efficient heating.

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