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Heating Coils

Heating Coils are custom made to fit the part.  A few of the thousands of coils that we have designed and manufactured are illustrated below.

Xylem Dbl 2_edited.png

A 2 position internal heating coil is inserted into threaded holes in a meter housing to

cure a thread locking material.

A formed encapsulated coil is used to expand the ID of a motor housing for a shrink fit application.

A "C" shaped channel coil is used to braze carbide inserts in multiple locations on a snowmobile runner.

A double encapsulated flat coil is used to

solder electrical terminals to automotive windshields. The locating holes enable location in the soldering fixture.

Double What__edited.png

A complex double helical coil is used to heat

the top of a metal cylinder and rectangular mounting tab simultaneously.

A 2 turn coil with brazed on shells is used to heat a stepper motor housing to cure epoxy. The shells expand the effective heating zone.

Double Concentric Coil_edited.png

A split concentric coil focuses the heat on the top and bottom of flat steel part.

Coffee Can Coil_edited.png

A large "U" shaped coil heats the exterior of

a metal cylinder evenly as it is rotated inside

the coil.

A formed encapsulated coil is used to expand the ID of a motor housing for a shrink fit application.

An encapsulated internal coil is formed as a long cylinder to heat the ID of a motor housing for a stator drop operation

Solder Coil_edited.png

This specialty coil is used for soldering electrical connectors.  The connector crimp area is placed on the flat top surface of the

coil that stays cool during soldering/

Flair Coil_edited.png

A high power coil with flared fittings is made

use 3/8" x 3/4" rectangular copper tubing.

A multiturn helical coil is molded into an epoxy housing for insertion into a motor housing for a shrink fit operation.

Solder Cup_edited.png

A 4 turn helical type coil is used to heat up

a crucible for a melting operation.

A split double helical coil focuses heat on each side of a tube that fits easily into the gap between the coil heads

This specialty coil incorporates a secondary quench ring brazed to the main coil to spray water on the part immediately after heating.

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