Heat Treating

Induction Heat Treating

An induction heater is used to heat metals in order to anneal, temper, stress relieve, or harden. Using localized heat to anneal or draw back hardened materials for subsequent machining or forming is a common application.

Corners of a formed stainless stove top are annealed to prevent cracking.

Brass shell cartridges are spot annealed with our powder coated coils.

Twin tips of a cast iron component are heated for a hardening operation.

A copper contact is annealed and the heat affected zone is limited.

Band saw blade welds are annealed with a movable coil assembly providing a uniform heat pattern for the weld zone on large blades.

Formed and welded steel shells are placed in a cradle and twin coils are able to stress relieve both ends simultaneously.

The ends of motor shafts are hardened in a semi-automatic process with integral quench.