About Us

30 years of manufacturing quality induction heating systems

• Building quality induction heaters since 1986

• Designed and manufactured in Warren, Ohio USA

• Experienced sales, service, and engineering team

• No charge for process evaluation and parts testing

Magneforce has the experience necessary to specify the induction heater, induction coil, control method, and ancillary equipment best suited to your operation. Heat Station induction heaters are currently used in industrial, medical, and scientific processes. These include brazing of tools, tubes, and fittings, soldering connectors and terminals, heating inserts for hot pressing into plastics, shrink fitting of gears, rings, and bearings, preheating for welding and molding operations, melting, heat staking, cap sealing, extruder barrel heating, curing coatings and adhesives, heating catheter molds, annealing, stress relieving, and process heating applications.