Privacy Policy


Magneforce is committed to providing superior service in all aspects of our business. This commitment includes respect for the customer's privacy, which refers to what we do with the information the customer provides in the course of conducting business. The following Privacy Policy may help you understand how Magneforce handles your personal information. As we continue to improve our site, and as we take advantage of developments in technology, this policy may change. As a result, you may check this policy on an ongoing basis for revisions and updates.


When I visit, what information do you gather about me?

You can visit without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. However, in order to receive a quotation, you will be required to to provide us with your mailing information.

When asking for information, Magneforce records only the information required to provide the service you request. Magneforce may use your personal information for the following purposes, to:

  • Build your Magneforce account with an assigned customer number
  • Personalize the delivery of the Magneforce website content
  • Facilitate limited Magneforce promotions and marketing efforts


Do you ever provide my personal information to anyone?

Magneforce respects your privacy and does not provide your personal information to any third party except when necessary to conduct business. For example, we would need to provide your name and address to a shipper. Your personal information is never given or sold to others for marketing purposes.


What are cookies and how do you use them?

A cookie is a small text file generated by a website and stored on your computer. Cookies give your computer a unique ID but contain no personal information. Cookies are an efficient method of keeping track of movement through a website.

Some of the ways we may use cookies are:

  • To customize information delivered to you
  • Gather statistics to help us determine ways to improve your service experience
  • We may analyze data gathered via cookies on an aggregate basis, not at the customer level. In other words, we may look for trends based on our users as a group, but not based on the specific behavior of an individual user.


Can I disable these cookies?

Most web browsers allow you to exercise control over cookie files on your computer by erasing them, blocking them, or notifying you when such a file is stored. Please take a look at your particular browser for instructions on this function. If you elect to disable cookies, please note that you may not have access to certain functions of the website.


What information do you collect when I visit

Information is collected for the purpose of evaluating how our customers, as a group, use Some of the information we may collect includes:

  • The internet addresses of the domains from which you visit
  • How often specific web pages are accessed
  • How frequently you return to our site
  • Which browser you are using

This information is then used to generate statistics and reports. These statistics or reports never contain personal information, such as your name or email address. The statistics and reports help us to improve our site. For example, we can use this information to determine which services are most useful. We can then focus on improving these services while eliminating infrequently used ones. Sometimes, it may be necessary to share these reports and statistics with a third party. Under no circumstances will these reports contain personal information.


How do you use email?

Our policy is to read every email message we receive and respond as quickly as possible. Your email address is used solely as a means for Magneforce to communicate with you. Magneforce may send you an email about products and services we provide or surveys that we feel may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please follow the instructions contained in the email for opting out (i.e., to be removed from our email list).