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We offer a range of products to implement and support your induction heating application.  Primary products include our Heat Station 2500R2 and 5000R2 water cooled induction heaters with matching output transformers, Magne AC3 air cooled specialty heaters and custom fabricated heating coils to fit your part.  We also offer Dynaflux water coolant recirculators for use with our standard HS systems, a variety of controls and accessories and capability to design/build custom fixtures to process your parts.

TS Unit 2_edited.png

Heat Station Induction Power Supplies are available in 2.5KW and 5 KW sizes. Different models include standard control panels, dual timer control panels and touchscreen control.

Heating Coils are custom made to fit the application.  If the coil isn't right, the part won't heat right.  Coils are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Split Coil_edited.png
Skinny Coil_edited.png
Glass Solder_edited.png
Doos 3_edited.png

We can provide complete systems for your process.  The system shown heats a large bushing to 500F and holds it at temperature to expand the ID for heat shrinking placement on a shaft.  The heating coil raises up into the bore for the heating and all functions are controlled by the touch screen on the HS5000R2TS power supply.

Magne Cover Picture_edited.png

The Magne AC3 is used for specialty applications where water cooling is not practical.  Interchangeable heating heads just plug in.  Typical uses are insert heating, catheter tipping and epoxy curing and coax cable soldering.


Most applications require water cooling.  Dynaflux

recirculators and accessories can handle it.

PBS  WP_edited.png

Available controls connect easily to a port on the power supplies to enable both manual and automatic applications.

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