Heat Station 1500

HEAT STATION 1500 B & 1500 R

The Heat Station 1500 B is a 1.5 kW induction heater with a built in output transformer. The Heat Station 1500 R features the output transformer on a 3-foot flexible cable. These medium frequency induction heaters operate in the 20-50 kHz range and provide fast and precise heating for soldering, brazing, heat staking, and catheter tipping operations. Heating is flameless and non-contact utilizing a focused high frequency electromagnetic field. The unit is compact and can be plugged into a standard 120-volt receptacle. The heating coil is attached by screws to a terminal block on the front of the transformer which incorporates O ring sealed water paths to supply cooling water to the coil. The unit can accept a range of heating coil types and sizes. The coil is cool to the touch during operation. Only the part inside the coil is heated. Coils are custom designed for the application. A PLC connection cable is included with the unit and a variety of standard controls are available, which plug into the control jack at the rear of the unit.

  • 1500-watt water cooled medium frequency induction heaters
  • Built in output transformer or remote output transformer with 3-foot cable
  • On/Off circuit breaker and fast fuse protection
  • Integral coolant pressure switch and temperature switch to protect against overheating
  • Power tracking circuitry delivers constant power to the load even with plant voltage swings
  • Remote cable easily interfaces with customer supplied controls or PLC (on/off and power levels)
  • Operates in resonance with pulse type power control for excellent repeatability

Heat Station 1500 B

Heat Station 1500 R



  • Cabinet size: 12.12" W x 10.44" D x 6.38" H
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Output power: 1500-watts
  • Incoming power: 120 V /60 Hz / 1 phase /13 amp
  • Water cooling requirement of .3 gpm
  • Recommended pressure differential of 40 psi and 100 psi maximum pressure
  • Maximum inlet water temperature of 95˚ F

Heat Station 1500 B & 1500 R Specifications (PDF)