Heat Station 1500


Magneforce Heat Station Induction Heaters Provide the Unique Advantages of Non - Contact Electrical Resistance Heating


  • An alternating current is used to flow through an inductor (coil)
  • The current surrounds or is in close proximity to a metallic or conductive workpiece
  • This causes a varying magnetic field emanating from the coil
  • The magnetic field links with the workpiece and induces a voltage in the workpiece
  • The induced voltage results in isolated current flows (eddy currents) within the workpiece
  • The inherent resistance of the material to the current flow (I R losses) produces heat
  • The induction heating coil can be thought of as a transformer primary
  • The workpiece can be thought of as a transformer secondary
  • There is no physical connection between the induction coil and the workpiece

Induction heating is most efficient when used on magnetic materials since heating takes place as a result of eddy current losses as well as hysteresis losses. All metals and conductive materials can be heated by induction with varying degrees of efficiency.