Shrink Fitting

Induction shrink fit

Induction heating is used to heat metal components for thermal expansion. The increase in hole size allows the insertion or removal of a mating component. Induction heating allows a rapid controlled heat input to an exact temperature. This controlled heat prevents distortion and unwanted metallurgical changes. Gears to shafts, flanges to hubs, and bearing insertion are just a few common examples of shrink fit applications.

A large gear is heated on a table top induction heater to a controlled temperature before placement on a shaft.

Bearing assemblies requiring exact heating are assembled and disassembled in seconds.

Pump components are heated for insertion of shafts using a single flat wound encapsulated coil with a high temperature cover for all parts.

Ring gear heating table with temperature control features dual coil windings for good efficiency on large and small ring gear sizes.

An induction heater with movable core heats a wide variety of rings for shrink fit onto sheaves. This set up eliminated the objectionable scaling experienced with a batch heating process.

A manual heat shrink station with stainless part fixture allowed the operator to shrink fit shafts to exact position with minimum heat.