Process Heating

Induction Process Heating

Induction heating is used in many industrial heating processes where fast controlled heating is demanded, such as heat staking, adhesive curing, preheating for welding and molding operations, cap sealing, and catheter tipping.

Heat Station 1500 heaters are integrated into catheter tipping units for heating tipping mandrels.

A steel susceptor is held at constant temperature for a plastic welding operation.

Air-cooled induction heating system with coils for extruder barrel heating and for preheating brackets prior to adhesive application.

An existing housing unit is slid into a custom induction heater coil for preheating before the coating process is started.

Induction heaters are used to maintain constant temperatures in a curing line.

Induction heating system used to preheat iron castings prior to placement in a rubber molding machine.