Insert Heating

Induction Insert Heating

An induction heater is used to apply heat to knurled threaded inserts so that they can be pressed into plastics and provide durable attachment points. Induction heating is able to heat the inserts very quickly and with the consistency necessary to allow the plastic to flow into the knurled areas without overheating or underheating so that the finished inert is in exact position, strongly bonded, and of good appearance. Single inserts can be heated quickly and allow a robot to heat and then insert at multiple locations in a variety of parts with only programming changes.

Robotic insertion machine prototype using a 5000R Heat Station with a single position coil.

Insert heating coils in protective phenolic housings with precisely located coils to match insert locations.

Heat Station 2500R set up to heat two inserts on each of the two pressing fixtures simultaneously.

These two position coils used for heating inserts on pressing fixture.

Hand held insert heating system is used to heat damaged inserts for removal at a repair station.

These multi-position coils insert heating coils with phenolic housing.