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Induction Heating can be used whenever precise, consistent and rapid heating of metal parts is required.  Heat Station heaters are currently used in industrial, medical and scientific processes.  These include the brazing of tools, tubes and assemblies, soldering connectors and terminals, heating inserts for hot pressing into plastic parts, shrink fitting gears, rings, and bearings, preheating for welding and molding operations, melting, heat staking, extruder barrel heating, curing epoxies, coatings and adhesives, heating catheter tipping molds, annealing, stress relieving and a variety of specialty applications.  We have setup and applied thousands of heating systems.  Contact us to discuss your part or process.

Four Carbide Inserts are brazed into position on a large debarking cutting tool.

Magne Insert in Head_edited.png

A Threaded Insert is heated for pressing into a plastic part using the

Magne AC3 heater and heating head. No water cooling is required.

Solenoid Motor Housing is heated slowly and then held at temperature to cure epoxy securing internal ferrites in position.

Shaft Anneal_edited.png

Harden Shafting is annealed for a subsequent machining operation.

Coax Soldering_edited_edited.png

Cable is soldered to a sensor assembly using a "U" type heating coil. 

Bearing Housing Is heated for a shrink fit assembly operation.  The label shows the


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