Model HS5000R2C

Complete Brazing System

  • Induction Heater with built-in two stage time and power control
  • Heating head on flexible cable
  • Dynaflux 1100V Recircular with in line filter
  • On/Off foot pedal or push button station
  • Brazing coil custom designed for your part


Induction heating is used to heat metals to be joined until a brazing alloy which is placed inside or in proximity to the joint, along with a fluxing agent, melts and creates a bond between the metals. The ability of induction heating to provide a controlled heat input and heat pattern with consistency greatly reduces the skill level required to produce joints of good quality and appearance. Magneforce Heat Stations are used for brazing carbide to steel, PCD and CBN to holders, tube fittings and electrical contacts.

A thermocouple well is brazed using a single turn induction coil which allows the assembly to be slid into brazing position and then removed.

A large carbide cutting tool is brazed using an induction coil which is shaped to provide equal heating of the holder and the carbide.

An ORFS hex fitting is silver brazed using a Heat Station 5000 unit and quick-change.

A copper tube is silver brazed into a brass casting using a ceramic coated shaped coil. This allows the large mass of the casting and the light tube to be heated uniformly.

A graphite disc is heated with induction using a foot pedal style variable control. The disc is machined to locate a PCD and small holder. It is difficult to butt braze with other methods.

Three steel tubes are brazed simultaneously to a tee connector using internal brazing rings and an open style U shaped coil for ease of insertion and removal of parts.