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Heating with the Magne AC3 System

Setting up the Magne AC3 system and beginning to heat parts is easy and only takes a few minutes. The steps required for a basic setup are illustrated below. A video of the heating of a threaded insert after setup is shown at the bottom of the page.

1.  Locate the AC3 Power Supply

Place the power supply in a clean, dry location.  Leave a few inches on the right side and back of the unit clear to allow for proper air flow.

2. Connect the Heating Head

Plug in the heating head.  Align the notch on the plug with the mating notch on the power receptacle.  Push the plug all the way in until you feel a slight click.  There should be a gap of about 1/8" between the rim of the plug and the edge of the receptacle.  Mount the head as required.

3. Plug In Power Cord & Control Unit

Attach the control cable to the jack on the rear panel.  Plug in the AC power cord and then plug in to a 115V outlet. If using the Magne timer, plug it into the control jack.



Control Jack

4. Position the part in the heating head

Place the part to be heated inside the hole in the heating head.  Center it as much as possible and secure it so it

can't move.

Insert located

in heating head

5. Set heating power. Turn on unit.

Set the heating power using the pushbutton potentiometer.

75 is a good inital setting.  Turn on using the on/off breaker switch.  The power LED will turn on and the fan will start.

2 digit precision

power control

On/Off Power


6. Start Heating

Close the SPDT contact on the control cable to start heating or press Start when using the optional timer module. Open it or press Stop to end heating.  Don't heat for more than 10 seconds to keep the head from getting too hot.

Control Cable

Digital Timer

Manual Insert Heating Video

This video illustrates the ease of heating threaded inserts using the Magne AC3 system.  The inserts are

picked up using our custom applicator tool, positioned in the  heating head and heated and then pressed into place in a nylon test piece.

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